Selling A Business

Our process takes into account the unique needs and composition that makes your business special. Based on an analysis that focuses on what separates you from the competition, we review, prepare, present, negotiate, finalize and facilitate the transition of ownership. Putting the proper value on a business right from the start is critical, ALWAYS KEEPING IN MIND THAT CONFIDENTIALITY IS OF UPMOST IMPORTANCE.


Be ready to provide tax returns, financial statements, and profit and loss statements. Buyers will pay a higher price for a business with good books and records. Not having good financial records reduces the value of the business and your expectations. Tax Returns : A copy of the last three (3) years of Income Tax Returns as well as balance sheet. Profit and Loss Statement: A current year-to-date profit and loss statement. 

Screen & Qualify Buyers

We organize all necessary documentation and release information only as needed. We use limited information when advertising to maintain confidentiality. Then buyers are pre-qualified and required to execute a confidentiality agreement before receiving any sensitive information concerning the sale. 

We provide exceptional support to you through the due diligence.
We take pride in our exceptional service. Only half of the job is finding the right buyer who will pay your price and meet your terms. The other half is getting that buyer to the closing table. We work with the accountants, lawyers, banks, landlords, and other third parties to complete the transaction. We realize that you depend on us to guide you through the sale of your business. We make the transition simple and easy for you.


Whether you are willing to hold financing or we assist the buyer in obtaining third party financing, we have all the resources, including SBA lenders to close the deal. 

Offer to Purchase

When the buyer is ready to make an offer, we will facilitate the entire process of submitting offers and counter-offers until both parties have reached an Agreement

We negotiate for you to achieve the best price.

Appropriate negotiation is crucial to achieving the best price and terms. We have the expertise to establish sound and resourceful negotiating techniques on your behalf.

Prepare for the Closing

Once the Purchase Agreement is signed by both parties, we make sure everyone is doing what needs to be done in time for the agreed upon closing date. This may include but is not limited to working with attorneys, landlords, accountants, etc. 


Prior to the closing the buyer will want to verify the value of the inventory and that it is current. 

Closing and Transfer of Ownership

All closing documents are signed. The buyer gets the keys to the business and the seller receives his funds. 

We are there for you from beginning to closing. 

Wellstone helps to manage all administrative procedures, licenses, inventory counts and lease assignments that are required. We work closely with your advisors to ensure a smooth transition. Using the latest technology, we strive to be ready to work on your behalf to get the deal done!


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